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I’m still trying to sort out my feelings about all of the TV I crammed into my brain last night, which is, for the record:
• Brooklyn Nine-Nine
• Agents of SHIELD
• New Girl
• Person of Interest
• Chicago Fire
Tuesdays are going to kill me. Mostly because those are all shows I like to watch right away (with the exception of AoS, maybe) and now they’re all together and I’m not going to have a free Tuesday for a while. WHICH IS OKAY.

First up: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

I was not expecting to like this, even though sabra-n assured me I would. The promos just gave me such white dude fatigue, but I was pleasantly surprised. Andy Samburg wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought he was going to be, I think mainly due to the fact that he didn’t win every battle against Andre Braugher. Plus, there’s an angry cop who hates everything. I’m already composing sonnets to her name. I have tentatively slotted this show for either watching on Mondays for amusement via DVR or for a mid-season binge session around Christmas. We’ll see.

Keeping with the comedy: New Girl

What an improvement. Wasn’t in love with the Jess storyline, though I cracked up to see Angela Kinsey as a “cool teacher” (when all I can think of was how her character on The Office had to shop in the little girls’ section to find clothes that fit) and Nick showing up to support Jess was d’aww worthy (though calling each other their old lady and old man…shudder). BEST was Winston vs. the cat. Possibly because that cat’s face. I can’t help it. You show me a cat that clearly just ran into a building and then playing with a noose in the darkest humor I will ever see on this show…you win, New Girl writers. YOU WIN.

News at 11: Schmidt still a douchebag. Elizabeth still deserves better. Cece still deserves better. But I’m sure you weren’t surprised.

And Now For Something Completely Angsty: Chicago Fire

Such a melodrama. Though I love you, Gabriela Dawson and Leslie Shay. Best moment of the night was Chief announcing they would all have to share lockers and Shay and Dawson glommed onto each other like middle school girls. Dawson’s frustration at losing the gunshot victim was a little over the top, but Shay sacrificing their gurney to stop the guy was awesome. And there is something very, very wrong with the new guy on Squad. Also, thank you, Sarah Shahi, for switching to Person of Interest and I’m sorry you got assigned such a sucky character.

Speaking of Sarah Shahi: Person of Interest

Apart from Winston vs. the Cat, this SHOW WINS. ROOT. SHAW. SHAW SHAW SHAW SHAW SHAW. John, you continue to be creepy and fantastic, but you pale in comparison to Shaw and her complete apathy about everything. I want a fic about the various ways Harold has to use to get in touch with Shaw since she doesn’t use a cell phone. It’s spy vs. nerd in the best way possible. Kind of felt like the number was all tell and no show, but that didn’t matter because SHAW. And CARTER. Oh, Carter. You and Murphy need to meet up for coffee and bitch about the tall men in your lives, STAT. My excitement for the third episode of this season knows no bounds, you guys.

And finally, Agents of SHIELD:

Not as good as I’d hoped, not as bad as I’d feared. I liked Skye, which helped me enjoy the show, but her character could be very, very problematic if not played right, so I’m reserving judgment. I was hoping for more Melinda May, and Coulson’s cheeriness could get really annoying, very fast. Plus, I just really want an entire season of Maria being 100% unimpressed with Agent Ward. Grant, darling, you’re going to wander into Ballard territory if you’re not careful. Bland, not very bright, and you get in the way of the good plotlines. The fact that Coulson’s willing to throw you under a bus because Skye is clearly the better asset than you says a lot, dude. Also wasn’t impressed with Fitz, though I did love Simmons (partially because of her accent, I’ll be honest).

Rolled my eyes at the Extremis bit because it felt lazy. After Tony’s massive battle with the Extremis soldiers in IM3, trying to downscale that to television just feels wrong. Go in a different direction. And…a flying car. Really. Lola felt entirely Get Smart-ish in general, actually.

Things I would like to see:
• No more mentions of Natasha and Ward in the same sentence, as NATASHA IS CLEARLY SUPERIOR WHAT THE FUCK EVEN
• Melinda being all grouchy soldier and teaching Skye and maybe even Simmons to defend themselves. Fitz can come, too.
• A prank war between Skye and Fitz. Nerd vs. nerd.
• Which Avenger Skye chose to cosplay (Hawkeye)
• Skye is secretly really good with a bow and arrow
• Ward getting kicked off the plane for being boring
• Better cases
• Simmons continually naming all of Fitz’s little toys
• Confirmation of my theory that Coulson is a robot

So, yeah...

Date: 2013-09-26 09:53 am (UTC)
sabra_n: (Default)
From: [personal profile] sabra_n
I want a fic about the various ways Harold has to use to get in touch with Shaw since she doesn’t use a cell phone.


Actually, it's probably dead drops. Or classified ads. Actually, I'd be pretty amused by Finch writing up a special Craigslist ad every time he needs to get in touch with Shaw.

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