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I am so stuck. I have 99% of my Secret Santa project done (which was an undertaking of mass proportions that I’m still not sure what happened, lemme tell you), but I’ve got one scene left to go, less than a thousand words, and they are not happening. Given that I write by my hunches, and practice a lot so that I can understand those hunches, this writer’s block is telling me one of two things:

a) It’s December and I always get writer’s block in December because Nanowrimo is actually kind of terrible for me
b) I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t know what it is yet.

So now it’s just a matter of waiting to see which one it is. Hopefully before, you know, the deadline.

Thanks to [ profile] sabra_n, I walked by a TV set at work while they were playing something about Les Mis. The saddest part is that it wasn’t anything from the actual movie when I recognized it: I just looked up, spotted Tom Hooper, and was like, “Oh, Les Mis.” And then Hugh Jackman’s singing face showed up on TV and I realized that if I can recognize the director of a movie before I recognize the movie itself (Eastwood, Spielberg, Lucas, and Hitchcock aside), then I have probably watched too many behind-the-scenes featurettes.

For example, as I write this, I’m listening to the Australian cast members parody Bohemian Rhapsody. I haven’t even seen more than half of Les Mis live and my friend has turned me into a revolutionary nerd.

Well played, [ profile] sabra_n. Well played.
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Stolen from [ profile] astrogirl2. Because I'm a stealing stealer that steals.

1) Make a list of fifteen characters first, and keep it to yourself for the moment.

2) Ask your f-list to post questions in the comments. For example: "One, nine, and fifteen are chosen by a prophecy to save the world from four. Do they succeed?", "Under what circumstances might five and fourteen fall in love?", "Which character on the list would you most want on your side in a zombie invasion?"

3) After your f-list has stopped asking questions, round them up and answer them using the fifteen characters you selected beforehand, then post them.
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Well, I see why its fans were pissed off about the final Twilight movie. I went to see it this weekend with a friend of mine who read all the books and is always curious about the movies, but can’t convince anybody else in her life to see it. Given that I’ll see any movie in the theater (provided it’s not a horror film), I gamely tagged along, even though I never read the fourth Twilight book out of sheer and total disgust for the (lack of) character that is Bella Swann. And while the movies are terrible and you get this sense that Robert Pattinson is being shackled to something when he’s not on camera to keep him from running away, they’re not poke-your-eyes-out-with-a-hot-poker bad. The scenery is gorgeous, for instance.

And the other movies had Anna Kendrick.

So in this movie, spoilers )

Other than that, the weekend was pretty low-key. Went shopping with the same friend over in that area, which has some of my favorite shops (Container Store, Pier One, REI). The World Bird Sanctuary had a tawny owl named Tigger there that we got to see. My friend and I proved even more alike than we thought by both going, “I love that place!” when they told us they were from the World Bird Sanctuary. Then we drooled over all of the things in REI that we couldn’t afford. I looked at shoes for my trip next year.

Yesterday I had a splitting headache that wouldn’t let me eat anything, which sucked because Dad made bagel-dogs and then lasagna. I got to gush about my intense love for all things Madeleine L’Engle in the podcast and I didn’t write a single word on my secret santa project. Whoops.

Good weekend, though. I just wish the headache would go away.
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By my estimation there are several thousand people on the planet that get to December and suddenly feel adrift and at odds with their lives because hey, no more Nanowrimo. I had this feeling for precisely a day, I think, and then it was a shrug and a “Well, back to the grindstone.” Too many incomplete stories looming for comfort.

On my drive home from somewhere or other a few days ago, I had my first Chuckfic AU idea in a while. Ellie, instead of being a doctor, gets involved in the organized crime in her neighborhood when she is a teen caring for a younger brother. She eventually works her way up to being the local crime boss so that she could get her Chuck to Stanford—where he is betrayed and kicked out. When Chuck receives the Intersect, it unwittingly becomes Chuck vs. Ellie as Chuck keeps flashing on Ellie’s lieutenants and removing them from the equation with the help of Sarah and Casey.

Neat idea, but I don’t really want to dip my toe into the dark!Ellie pool, no matter how fascinating a character that would be. Besides, I don’t want to be that writer, you know, the one who introduces Ellie as the ex-hooker to the fandom. I just don’t.

My next project is my entry for [ profile] fandomaid. I’m really excited about it; I’ve been getting ideas for it all morning. With all hope, I should be able to deliver that by Sunday. Plus, I miss being able to make references to thinks that happened in this century. You never realize how much this becomes a crutch until it is taken away from you.

- Frea

PS - 19 days, [ profile] sabra_n!
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Was messing around in photoshop tonight creating some graphics for one of my comms and I decided to randomly try out making ornaments for Black Widow and Hawkeye.

Then the obsession grew.
You can see the full set in higher res on my Tumblr.
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Finished Cold Days last night and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. I enjoy Jim Butcher books for the sheer moving hysteria of them. Like, the majority of this book took place over something like 30 hours and it was crazy how much stuff happened to Harry.

And no, I’m not just talking about his penchant for getting hit in the head with baseball bats. Which happens amusingly often.

Butmassive spoilers about Cold Days that OMG WHAT THE WHAT )

Also, saw Looper last night. I’ve been following the film pretty closely, so I knew something of what I should expect, but it was obvious that the people next to me did not. When the credits started rolling, they were like, “Well, not recommending that to anyone ever!” Meanwhile, two seats away, I’m grinning because seriously, what a neat film. It bends your brain a little and I called a lot of the major things, but it kept me on my toes and you really, really can’t go wrong with Emily Blunt OR Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I need to kick this headache and get to writing because this cracky story is not going to write itself. And then I get to write a story with Tony Stark as the protagonist, which will be a first for me!
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Since it’s Friday and I read a hilarious message board short story about time travel, I thought I’d gather a few fics where the characters communicate through digital means. Some are oldies-but-goodies, there are multiple fandoms represented, and I am not being mature at all because the first story involves dickbombing.*

Technology! It's a help...right? )

*Sheeeeeeeeit am I glad my grandmother doesn’t have the link to this journal.
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I love my parents. Mom sent an email this morning (called and woke me up to let me know she’d sent it) from her trip. The picture was titled “the avenger’s [sic] and us,” so I clicked, thinking she’d found some sort of massive advertisement for the Avengers and they’d posed like Iron Man and the Black Widow respectively because, guys, my parents are dorks.

Nope. It’s them in front of a random shawarma place in London. According to Mom, Dad “really likes shawarma” (she called the second picture “Iron Man,” which is of Dad eating shawarma). I’ll have to make sure we make it out to the Pita Pit more often.

Halfway through Cold Days. I suspect I would have quite a few more thoughts about it than I do right now if I weren’t in a fog of sleep deprivation. cut for minor spoilers about Cold Days )

I’m not to the part I’m really looking forward to yet (but I hope that part is coming) but I will have more coherent thoughts later on.

Edited to Add: Talk of shawarma has inspired me to go to the Greek cafe for lunch with my sister.
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Well, okay, not really. I still have roughly a chapter and a half left to write on this project, but I crossed the finish line with precisely 50,000 words (I validated at 49,987 and wrote 13 words to get myself across), so I have the purple bar and can now say I’ve won all but one Nanowrimo done. Lost myself writing a rather lengthy and complicated fight scene. I complain about them, but when the muse is working with me, they’re the easiest things in the world to write for some reason.

Of course, then I reread them and panic, but hey, you can’t have everything.

But I have won, and I am pleased, and now I am going to read Cold Days and drink celebratory shots with etoiline because we survived a month of sickness, health, stress, and writing, and it’s OVER.

Word Count: 50,000 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 13
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 14

PS - Editing to add this pretty little thing:
Nanowrimo Winner Thing
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For the past three weeks, my mom and I have had a string of work emails going back and forth with the subject “BANTHAPUG.” To be fair, we did start out discussing pugs, but somehow we’re talking about tickets to the Tran-Siberian Orchestra now. There was a pit stop for Lartist’s It’s Star Wars, Charlie Brown drawing, discussion about me adopting a pit bull, and a lot of hairless cats.

So very close to done with both my Secret Santa project and Nanowrimo. Did some catching up yesterday, but still have miles to go before I sleep. I think sticking to one project for two thirds of Nanowrimo helped me feel the spirit of it. It’s not a 50k novel on its own, but I did have to go through the five act structure, build to a climax, and I’ll have to include a denouement. My original plan for Nanowrimo, looking back, was a little bit nuts. Finishing four stories meant four satisfying conclusions. Given the varying nature of the four I picked (bank heist, spy comedy, serious turn of the century, kid fic), I might have walked away feeling more than a trifle bipolar.

So now I have three stories to finish up in December. Nanowrimo doesn’t truly end.

Wrote a scene that surprised me last night. Also, I keep forgetting that Coulson is in my story, which will probably get me lynched by the angry Coulson fans.


Word Count: 45,927 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 11
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 12
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Less than 7k to go. Something like 6.8k or whatnot, which is about how many words it’ll take me to finish this story. I couldn’t have planned that better if I’d tried (and I do generally plan my stories. I don’t write to hit word counts, I write to hit scenes).

Went to a write-in last night, where there was merriment and only a slight trace of desperation. You can tell that the lack of sleep is getting to people, thanks to caffeine jitters in the hands and the dark circles under the eyes. I finished a chapter, and it occurred to me that this story is a bit like a video game where the objectives are for Natasha to befriend the other Avengers. Achievement level Tony unlocked!

(I figure by this point, it’s going to be super-obvious which Secret Santa gift is mine, so I’m not bothering to hide)

Mom called me and asked me to do research into procuring Tran-Siberian Orchestra tickets for Chelsea and Bro-IL-to-be, and I pouted at her that she’d stolen my Christmas gift idea for Van. Then she really did steal my gift idea by buying Van’s ticket herself. Oh, Mom.

That’s okay. I’ll buy him some nice comic book markers or something.

One of my wonderful readers rec’d The Abbey on [ profile] het_reccersyesterday. It led to me getting a few AO3 comments, a bunch of hits, and more people wanting a sequel. What a heartwarming thing for a Tuesday.

Less than 7k and then I can read Cold Days. Time to buckle down and write a few battles!

Word Count: 43,120 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 10
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 11
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Suitable ways to spend my time today:
  • Work projects
  • Catching up on my Nanowrimo word count
How I actually spent my time today:
  • Sending my mom horrifying pictures of hairless cats with the subject line “LOOK WHAT YOU ALMOST INFLICTED UPON THE FAMILY, MOM”
  • Surfing the Dan Stevens hashtag because I am a masochist that enjoys other people’s misery
  • Work projects (hey, rent)
  • Giggling over horrible puns
  • Listening to Brandon Sanderson’s writing lectures
  • Reading up on 18th century slang. Yes, now I can call you a cork-brained chaw bacon. Muhahah.
I’m preemptively calling this a win.
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Cold Days comes out tomorrow and it’s safe to say that I did not reach 50,000 words in time to get it. That’s okay. Now the trick will just be putting my nose to the grindstone for the next few days, as pretty much everybody I talk to will be reading it and will want to talk to me about it.

A little behind on Nanowrimo, but I got past a couple of blocks. I need to rig up some sort of way to write things down in the shower, as that’s when I get my best ideas, but by the time I get to a computer, the ideas are completely gone.

Also, was Castle new tonight? I’m like three episodes behind and don’t really care about catching up, which is telling me all I need to know about my interest in the show.

Have put this song on repeat tonight, for some reason. I don’t know why, but I like it, and it’s interesting enough that I’m leaving it here.

Tomorrow’s a write-in, my last one of Nanowrimo. I’ll miss them.

Word Count: 42,461 words
Current Project: Secret Santa 10
Project on Deck: Secret Santa 11
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Only did about 500 words yesterday, which puts me somewhere around 5k behind right now. Pretty sure I’m supposed to be past 41k. My current word count is way behind that. Part of the problem was that I spent yesterday playing in Photoshop. I can’t show you the bat-crap crazy things I did to Clint or Natasha, either, as it has to do with Secret Santa.

But I really, really, really want to.

The 500 words I did get written were done while I was away from the computer with Photoshop, waiting for a movie to start at best friend (Lily-lai)’s house. Sister and I went over to play with Dragonlet and Lily-lai and we ended up going for pizza and to one of my favorite shops in the next town over. I bought some Christmas gifts for various people on my list. We had a pizza that was half “Green Lantern” and half “Socrates’ Revenge.” I couldn’t get past Socrates’ Revenge tasting like a fishtank, but the Green Lantern was delicious.

Goat cheese on pizza is the best.

After that, we watched One for the Money, which was a hilarious book but it lost a tiny bit in translation when it became a movie. That said, Katherine Heigl is oddly charming and definitely had the tough girl factor of Stephanie Plum down, in my opinion. Jason O’Mara was perfect as Morelli, too (Morelli being part of the reason I stopped reading the books). Movie started out terrible, but somewhere around the point where the grandma shot the turkey, we all started enjoying it.

I came home and stayed up late into the night not writing and photoshopping instead.

Current Word Count: 37,352
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 8
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 10
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If you’re playing the Frea drinking game, chug. I’ve added another chapter to my Secret Santa project. I skipped half a chapter because it’s an epic team-fight that I need some choreographers for (somebody please remind me to go back and suck it up and write that thing, will you?). This new chapter involves an unconventional friendship I haven’t seen much, so that’s a positive. I get negative in my whining, so I’m choosing to focus on the positive right now.

On a less positive front, I’m like 3k behind today’s (Saturday) word count. I’m hoping for five more chapters of this fic, which means it’ll get done right around the same time as Nanowrimo!

Hit up Black Friday with the best friend and the nephew, who gets better and better by the day. It got a little hectic in the main part of the mall, but I got a blender for my sis and bro-in-law-to-be that I think they’ll really like for their place. And I found a really great book for my brother when we were at Barnes and Noble, all because nephew pulled it off the shelf.

I need a cute blog name for him. I think maybe Dragonlet.

Anyway, Dragonlet has a funny habit where he drops things and goes, “Uh-oh!” He hasn’t put it together that saying, “Uh-oh!” is about accidents, so it just comes down to him being a little stinker. He has the smirk to go with it, too. Also, right now everything is “Puppy!”

When I got home, I did a Google hangout with my friend for a few hours while we both tried to catch up on word count. It was really fun because we were asking each other random questions throughout the night (“Is it Romanov family? Empire? Dynasty?”). But tomorrow I really need to buckle down and get this done.

Word Count: 36,818 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 8
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 10
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My parents have 5 dogs. Breaking it down, there's Joey (my dog) the German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix, Nikki (my dog) the chunky Boston Terrier, Moxie the Boston Terrier, Olli the Shih Tzu, and Charlie the Rat Terrrier Mix (who is a puppy).  The problem is, they are all sleep-cuddlers. Especially Moxie, who is arguably the smallest but is in reality the worst thanks to a miracle of physics where she somehow manages to weigh as much as your average Rottweiler. Since my parents are gone in London, rather than staying on the camping cot, I'm sleeping in their room. Where the dogs sleep.

I got 12 hours of sleep last night.  Every three hours I woke up to dispel a dog from suffocating me in my sleep, but I got 12 hours. And I woke up to find two of them sitting on my chest, a third sitting by my head, and a fourth whining up at me from the floor because they wanted to go outside but the human was proving immovable.

Good times.

But the 12 hours is a really good thing because I haven't written in a couple of days and really need to catch up today. Best friend just sent a text asking if I wanted to go take in the Black Friday madness, though.  I didn't reply about staring into the abyss, though it was a close call.

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Last week I attempted a pecan pie, the favored pie of one Pa O'Scanlin who is hopefully having the time of his life chasing after his wife, dear old Ma, as she lives her dreams of seeing London.

Tomorrow, we're having what we call "The Left Behind" Dinner, which is to say my best friend (whose husband is in Afghanistan) has invited her mother-in-law (whose husband is in Florida), her sister-in-law (who is in med school), my sister, and me over to her house for the big feast. I'll be going over earlier in the day to play kitchen assistant/toddler wrangler, which basically means a day of hanging out with best friend and nephew.

I offered to bring the most heavenly dish of them all: mashed potatoes. I have the recipe all ready to go for the morning before I head over there, but since the pie I made last week was only a little mutated, I also volunteered to make a pumpkin pie.

More about the pie! )


Nov. 21st, 2012 05:27 pm
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Apparently Chevy Chase is leaving Community. He'll be in episodes that have already been filmed, but not the ones that haven't yet. I think Pierce can be funny sometimes, but I get the vibe that Chevy makes life difficult for his castmates, so I can't exactly say I'll be sorry to see him go.

Amusingly, I saw him in person a few years ago while covering a red carpet event with my host. She interviewed him; I filmed the whole thing and asked her, after he walked away, "Who was that?"

She gave me this shocked look and said, "You don't know who Chevy Chase is?"

I did; dude had just aged since Christmas Vacation. And then a year later, he was on Community. It felt like a confluence of life coincidence to me.

tl;dr  - Chevy's leaving Community and I didn't recognize him the time I saw him cos he's old.  Cool story, bro.

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You know, as writers we say some very strange things. Last night at a write-in, somebody pointed out that I’d just said, “That’s okay, I’ll just kill him.” When I tried to defend that it was a drunk clergyman I was talking about, it only got worse.

But yeah, we’re twenty-one days into Nanowrimo and two thirds of the way through November. Things are bound to come flying out of my mouth that I’ll no doubt either laugh or regret. Sometimes both.

I’m ahead of yesterday’s word count and am ambivalent once more. It’s not sleep deprivation, I don’t think, but simply that I’ve accepted this is my life for the month. I’m about to jump into yet another action scene, but I’m contemplating skipping it. That’s one of the benefits of writing it in Scrivener, I think. I can come back to it later when I have time to choreograph the team fighting together.

Even so, I took some time off to play in Photoshop because once I hit December, I’ll need to switch gears to real life stuff/a project with quistie. If anybody on my f-list knows where there are some quality graphics of Scarlett Johansson wearing wintery clothing (from movies, photoshoots, anything), please, could you let me know? It’s incredibly easy to find Renner in heavy coats and scarves, but I’m finding it a bit more difficult for Johansson.

I’m really excited about what I have already, for what it’s worth. I did something unholy to something on be-compromised. It was incredibly fun.

It occurs to me that this story I’m writing will be the first time I’ve ever completed an entirely (chaptered) story before posting. It’s a couple thousand words longer than The Woman in the Crosshairs already, which I think is my longest one-shot. That’s kind of neat. People will get to read the entire story at the same time.

In personal stuff, I had a dream this morning that Mom and Dad missed their flight from Brussels to London (which is silly, brain, they’re taking a train) and I woke up to find Mom cooking me breakfast, not at all affected by the fact that she was missing out on London. What a weird dream. Dad’s the one that cooks breakfast, not Mom.

Happy Thanksgiving to my American buddies, and I wish you the best of food comas. To my international buddies, I hope your day tomorrow is wonderful, too. And if you fall into a food coma, I hope it’s the best food coma ever.

- Frea

Word Count: 34,043 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 6
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 7

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