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But on to happier things! It’s Yuletide! I’ve been a little closer to it this year than before (though I decided not to participate) and it’s been wonderful so far. First, you know, there’s things like the Fix-It Fic for 50 Shades of Grey, and then there are these two Calvin and Hobbes/Hobbes and Bacon fics that are the most delightful things I’ve ever seen, and, you know, The Pirates! fanfic, which I didn’t ever think about before.

At the same time, there’s be-compromised’s Secret Santa Exchange going on. Two recs from that, too: In Other Words, Thursday which has fantastic Clint and Natasha on a mission exchange, and Wild Dedication, which is an outside observer fic and has fantastic Maria, Coulson, and Pepper interaction with the team. That said, all of the fic written so far has been wonderful, and you can read it on the Secret Santa tag.

Also, got a new layout. I just can’t help it. I like aqua blue.
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Less than 7k to go. Something like 6.8k or whatnot, which is about how many words it’ll take me to finish this story. I couldn’t have planned that better if I’d tried (and I do generally plan my stories. I don’t write to hit word counts, I write to hit scenes).

Went to a write-in last night, where there was merriment and only a slight trace of desperation. You can tell that the lack of sleep is getting to people, thanks to caffeine jitters in the hands and the dark circles under the eyes. I finished a chapter, and it occurred to me that this story is a bit like a video game where the objectives are for Natasha to befriend the other Avengers. Achievement level Tony unlocked!

(I figure by this point, it’s going to be super-obvious which Secret Santa gift is mine, so I’m not bothering to hide)

Mom called me and asked me to do research into procuring Tran-Siberian Orchestra tickets for Chelsea and Bro-IL-to-be, and I pouted at her that she’d stolen my Christmas gift idea for Van. Then she really did steal my gift idea by buying Van’s ticket herself. Oh, Mom.

That’s okay. I’ll buy him some nice comic book markers or something.

One of my wonderful readers rec’d The Abbey on [ profile] het_reccersyesterday. It led to me getting a few AO3 comments, a bunch of hits, and more people wanting a sequel. What a heartwarming thing for a Tuesday.

Less than 7k and then I can read Cold Days. Time to buckle down and write a few battles!

Word Count: 43,120 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Chapter 10
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 11
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You could claim I had a breakthrough last night (er, technically this morning). It seemed like The Abbey would never be complete, but I gritted my teeth and got to the end, though I’m positive I could cut at least two thousand words. Currently I’m four thousand words behind the recommended tally.

One of the things I’m struggling with is words themselves. People tell me I have a large vocabulary, but in the middle of November, it doesn’t seem that way. I feel like I’ve written the same action over and over again (I haven’t, generally. It inevitably surprises me when I reread is how varied it gets, like, where did these new observations come from? Certainly not for me). So I get self-conscious about that even though I’ve had a couple of years of solid writing and conditioning to hone my “writing on autopilot” skills.

But that’s just the way it is: writers are neurotic beasts and I’m definitely no exception. Speaking of writing, you need to read this comic from The Oatmeal.

With The Abbey marinating, I’m switching focus to The Avengers. The deadline for the Secret Santa exchange isn’t quite beginning to lurk, but it’s getting a little warm in here for my tastes when I only have two of the (warning: optimism ahead!) seven chapters put on the page.

After that, I’m diving back into Chuck territory, to a story I’d rather let lie incomplete forever. My own sense of obligation, however, won’t rest until it’s done.

The Hour returns for its second series tonight. From the hints I’ve gleaned from my British pals on Twitter, there’s lots more UST and longing looks between Bel and Freddie. It’s going to be interesting watching this episode by episode rather than all at once on disc. Expect me to either forget or to spend a lot of time moaning (the former is more likely than the latter, granted).

And since I’m nice, here’s a little bit of the next chapter of The Abbey, which I’m hoping to finish up on Sunday.

“Which way?” )

I wonder how Matthew and Edith survived what happened at the end of last chapter. That’s a puzzler. I guess you’ll find out Sunday.

- Frea

Word Count: 20,196 words
Current Project: Secret Santa Gift Chapter 2
Project on Deck: That Which is Greater 11

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Took a wee bit of a vacation, but finally started writing again. I think it helped to have a chapter to post and say, Hey, I’ve done something, here you can read it now. Did some word-sprints with some awesome people sorta in the Downton Abbey fandom, wrote more of The Abbey, and now am close to done on the entire story, which is a relief. Should have finished it while the iron was hot, I suppose, but that’s life.

Word Count: 15,956 words
Current Project: The Abbey 08
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 2
Projects Left: That Which is Greater / Guide Us Home / One-Shot
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It’s technically Day 9 right now but I don’t care because I AM SO CLOSE TO DONE WITH THE ABBEY, GUYS.

Word Count: 13,249 words
Current Project: The Abbey 08
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Chapter 2
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I hit word count yesterday and finally broke through on The Abbey 08. However, the chapter is kicking my ass so much that I'm going to switch my priorities and work on a chapter from my [ profile] be_compromised Secret Santa project when I'm finished. I need to write something I actually like and the chapter I'll be writing has an epic fight between Natasha and [character name redacted but you can bet your last Knut she's awesome]. With [weapon redacted but you can bet your other last Knut it's also awesome].

That sound you hear is Maximus laughing as he figures out this adds an entire new chapter to this saga.

But anyway, caught up on word count, The Abbey 08 is a little over halfway done, and hopefully I can push through and finish it today, though I'm not holding my breath.

Word Count: 11,685 words
Current Project: The Abbey 08
Project on Deck: Secret Santa Gift Chapter 2
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I am roughly 2700 words behind on Nanowrimo at the moment. The people that know my habits are probably rolling their eyes and pointing out that if I get bitten by the writing bug, that’s basically lunch time writing for me, and they have a point, but the last three days have been kind of insane and not in the greatest way, so I’m feeling raw and scattered.

The current project is The Abbey 08. Somehow it went from over the top spy caper to a bloody mess (uh, literally bloody) and it feels like my brain exploded onto the page. Again, not in a good way.

Between being stressed over a work project that was my own stupid fault, taking time to vote, and a thing with my car, it’s not been a very fun time. For the latter, I cleared some time off with my boss to take my car in for an emissions test, which meant going and staying with my parents (and cuddling puppies) last night. And that of course meant spending time with my dad on election night.

Here’s the thing about my dad: he is one of the smartest people I know, but he has very definite ideas about politics and I don’t agree with them. He also gets angry about political things, whereas I’m a lot more naïve/curious/cautious (but still on the opposite side), so our conversations about politics frustrate him. And I plain didn’t like his candidate, so it wasn’t all that great of a night to go home. I would’ve done it the night before, but the DMV was closed due to voting—which makes sense. I got to the site today…and they were closed until Thursday. What the ever-loving hell?! Guys, we have a president now. You don’t need an extra day off, dirtbags. Get back in there and do your damned jobs.

Luckily, I can take care of it on Saturday, but it’s stressful and I’m not happy.

Anybody want to write the final chapter of The Abbey for me. I will donate $50 to a cause cleaning up Sandy, which shows you how much I don’t want to write this sucker.

Oh well, at least I’m going to a write-in tonight.

Word Count: 9016 words
Current Project: The Abbey 08
Project on Deck: Undecided
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True to form, I got three days into the month and forgot to write a Nano update. I’m surprised I made it past the first day. I am flaky about all things but the need to write. I’d say I’m not flaky about eating, but everybody in my life would laugh at me and point to the hundreds of stories they have about that time I accidentally nuked the same meal five times because I kept forgetting it was by my hand while I was either writing or editing video. Anyway, I’m using the excuse that it’s a weekend and I didn’t realize a birthday dinner with my sister was going to turn into a full night out of seeing Brave with my other sister and so on and so forth. I also went to a comic book store and learned how to shop for comics.

But anyway, writing. Right. Yesterday I woke up feeling kind of crappy, but at least that inspired me to take my cold medicine before four or five hours had passed. I sat on the couch (we have a dual reclining couch that we bought for five bucks at a yard sale) with a netbook and pounded away until I finished the seventh chapter of The Abbey, which is such a massive relief to have done.

That said, I tried starting the eighth chapter today and while I like what I have, my writing senses are telling me it’s about to back me into another corner, so I’m going to end up scrapping all 800 words or so. This isn’t a big deal (I’m grateful I caught it so quickly, actually). I know there are people who are just *gasping* at me because 800 words, no, that’s half a day’s word count and editing is for December and don’t delete, never delete!, but rules like that are dangerous.

Here’s the thing: If you need to delete, delete for crying out loud. Rules becoming absolute, nine times out of ten, will damage a writing career more than they will aid it. You have to do what’s right by you when you’re writing, which is why I can sometimes find Nanowrimo to be a major pain in the ass. I have to remind myself that everybody has a fair chance to be a writer and to play nice when sometimes it feels like people who only write for 30 days out of the year are shouting writing advice at me when I write pretty consistently year-round. And that’s also a dangerous attitude to have, but I’m trying to be better about it.

Went to the library today and walked out with an arm full of science fiction and fairy tales. I meant to do research on the 18th century. Whoops.

And now it’s back to writing because this fic isn’t going to write itself, no matter how awesome that would be.

- Frea

Word Count: 7451 words
Current Project: The Abbey 08
Project on Deck: Greater 11
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Healing front: I woke up fully able to breathe through my nose, which was a blessed relief because I hate sounding like a mouth-breather and I look silly breathing through my mouth. Also, the glassy-eyed, confounded look I always wear during headcolds is always such a hit around the office, you know. So the fact that I’m mostly dry-nosed and only coughing a little is a relief. I’m knocking back fluids, I promise.

Writing front: switched from Bank Job to Abbey 07, which meant going from flantering to fighting, and that sucks. I always feel like a fraud whilst writing hand-to-hand combat because it’s hard to translate individual motions to the page while keeping the pace furious and frantic. I’ve sent a few snippets to my beta and he says they’re intense, which I’m taking to mean I’m doing something right. It’s just very slow-going when I have seven characters in three high-risk situations/four locations, talking back and forth to each other, plus one character is fighting for her life and another is defusing a bomb and multiple villains are showing up…

It’s a picnic, let me tell you. But I’ve got fans that I know love this story above all, so I’m shoving my feelings about Downton Abbey aside and sticking to my guns, no matter how I feel about this season (read: I don’t like it). I want to do right by these characters and this story.

Tomorrow I have to clear some stuff up at the DMV, so that will be fun in the morning, but the parents are taking the youngest sister and I out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays (hers was Thursday, mine was last month), so I’m looking forward to that. I hope to hit up a write-in on Sunday because it’s at a St. Louis Bread Co and I love their Mac’n’Cheese. Hopefully by then my cold will be completely gone!

Current wordcount: 4717 words
Current project: The Abbey 07
Project on deck: The Abbey 08
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Title: Downton Abbey, A Ghost Story
Rating: PG
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Pairings: William Mason/Lavinia Swire
Warnings: Supernatural, Deals with Death
Summary: Life does not stop with a heartbeat. William Mason and his life after Downton Abbey, and in Downton Abbey.

But what is Downton? )
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There are times where I don’t want to be a writer. Usually during blocked times, when I can’t squeeze out a single word, of course, but in the midst of an obsessive period of writing, I really, really, really hate it.

I haven’t been sleeping well lately, which is why I’m currently loathing the entire writing world. Every time I close my eyes, four ideas pop up into my mind, ideas that absolutely will not let me loose until I’ve sat up and at least committed them to the page. I’m running on less than five hours of sleep a night, which made an article that Alyssa Milano linked on Twitter about sleep deprivation oddly hysterical to me. It was a checklist of MY LIFE.

Talkin' about my new fic you won't see until December )

I also really need to finish up my Downton Abbey stories, preferably before I end up wanting to chase Julian Fellowes with a pitchfork for ruining almost every character in the history of everything ever. Four and a half chapters and then I can bounce from that fandom, but my newfound Downton apathy means I’m not even reading over there anymore. I watch on Sundays because I can’t check Tumblr until I do (people I follow don’t believe in tagging), but unless season three shows a marked improvement, I think I’m going to be done.

Anyway, that’s what’s up with me and why you probably won’t see new fic from me for a couple of weeks.

- Frea
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Fixing my other blog, which you can find here.

Upcoming Changes I'm hoping to make:

  • A set of regular graphics to denote what type of post each will be (aka, each post will be framed with icons similar to LJ and DW)
  • A better, more comprehensive tagging system
  • A unified theme throughout my blogs
  • More cowbell
  • A directory of junk I'm up to, which includes the free short story I will be releasing to celebrate Halloween next month, under my official pen name
  • More posts on writing, as that has really fallen to the wayside. Maybe I'll even finish that Vonnegut series.
  • An unprecedented show of unholy narcissism, aka more personal "What is Frea doing?" posts, including cross-linking to other stuff I'm doing on the web (*coughNiceGirlsTumblrMyOtherPenNamecough*
  • Fan Recs/Vid Fridays/Suggestions


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Title: Timecrossed
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Matthew/Mary, Bates/Anna, Sybil/Branson, Robert/Cora, Violet/Awesome, Carson/Awesome, Thomas, O'Brien, Mrs. Hughes, Pamuk
Summary: When the ability to travel through time is perfected, a new type of criminal emerges. Master thief Mary Crawley is one of the many that use this new technology to her advantage. Detective Matthew Crawley of the Time Enforcement Commission has his mind set on capturing Mary and her crew.
Complete: Probably not.

Moving Downto(w)n )
Mary vs. Pamuk )
Confrontation in the Hall )
In the time of the dinosaurs )

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