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Last week I attempted a pecan pie, the favored pie of one Pa O'Scanlin who is hopefully having the time of his life chasing after his wife, dear old Ma, as she lives her dreams of seeing London.

Tomorrow, we're having what we call "The Left Behind" Dinner, which is to say my best friend (whose husband is in Afghanistan) has invited her mother-in-law (whose husband is in Florida), her sister-in-law (who is in med school), my sister, and me over to her house for the big feast. I'll be going over earlier in the day to play kitchen assistant/toddler wrangler, which basically means a day of hanging out with best friend and nephew.

I offered to bring the most heavenly dish of them all: mashed potatoes. I have the recipe all ready to go for the morning before I head over there, but since the pie I made last week was only a little mutated, I also volunteered to make a pumpkin pie.

More about the pie! )
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(Okay, so maybe there might have been a problem with the smoke detector almost going off because the pie overflowed and I didn't know enough to put a pan over it. Whatever. I made a pie. It's a mutant pie, and I love its little mutant heart. THERE WILL BE NO INTOLERANCE OF MY MUTANT PIE)
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Still covered in flour, now a little frazzled (I went back to my pizza-making ways and rolled the dough out to be way too big so it's probably over-handled), but the pie is in the oven and the apartment is still not on fire.

Counting this, tentatively, as a win.
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I'm covered in flour, my finger hurts from violent pie crust making, and my sister ate my sandwich.

Time to make the filling!
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Ho Ho HOSHIT Secret Santa )

In Nanowrimo generalities, I managed to catch up to the word count before I fell asleep last night and I’ve already written the day’s word count, which is good because tonight I will be making a pie and a pie crust and [ profile] sabra_n has managed to terrify me about how freaking scary baking is.

I must remember to back up my Nanowrimo projects on the cloud before I attempt baking things, as the apartment going up in smoke would be a real bummer.

- Frea

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