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My Yuletide Recs, sorted by fandom!

18 fandoms, 19 recs )

Any stories absolutely missing from my list? Let me know! I could always use more to read.

- Frea
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Christmas stuff )

Downton Abbey )

But on to happier things! It’s Yuletide! I’ve been a little closer to it this year than before (though I decided not to participate) and it’s been wonderful so far. First, you know, there’s things like the Fix-It Fic for 50 Shades of Grey, and then there are these two Calvin and Hobbes/Hobbes and Bacon fics that are the most delightful things I’ve ever seen, and, you know, The Pirates! fanfic, which I didn’t ever think about before.

At the same time, there’s be-compromised’s Secret Santa Exchange going on. Two recs from that, too: In Other Words, Thursday which has fantastic Clint and Natasha on a mission exchange, and Wild Dedication, which is an outside observer fic and has fantastic Maria, Coulson, and Pepper interaction with the team. That said, all of the fic written so far has been wonderful, and you can read it on the Secret Santa tag.

Also, got a new layout. I just can’t help it. I like aqua blue.
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Since it’s Friday and I read a hilarious message board short story about time travel, I thought I’d gather a few fics where the characters communicate through digital means. Some are oldies-but-goodies, there are multiple fandoms represented, and I am not being mature at all because the first story involves dickbombing.*

Technology! It's a help...right? )

*Sheeeeeeeeit am I glad my grandmother doesn’t have the link to this journal.

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