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Finished Cold Days last night and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. I enjoy Jim Butcher books for the sheer moving hysteria of them. Like, the majority of this book took place over something like 30 hours and it was crazy how much stuff happened to Harry.

And no, I’m not just talking about his penchant for getting hit in the head with baseball bats. Which happens amusingly often.

Butmassive spoilers about Cold Days that OMG WHAT THE WHAT )

Also, saw Looper last night. I’ve been following the film pretty closely, so I knew something of what I should expect, but it was obvious that the people next to me did not. When the credits started rolling, they were like, “Well, not recommending that to anyone ever!” Meanwhile, two seats away, I’m grinning because seriously, what a neat film. It bends your brain a little and I called a lot of the major things, but it kept me on my toes and you really, really can’t go wrong with Emily Blunt OR Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I need to kick this headache and get to writing because this cracky story is not going to write itself. And then I get to write a story with Tony Stark as the protagonist, which will be a first for me!
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I love my parents. Mom sent an email this morning (called and woke me up to let me know she’d sent it) from her trip. The picture was titled “the avenger’s [sic] and us,” so I clicked, thinking she’d found some sort of massive advertisement for the Avengers and they’d posed like Iron Man and the Black Widow respectively because, guys, my parents are dorks.

Nope. It’s them in front of a random shawarma place in London. According to Mom, Dad “really likes shawarma” (she called the second picture “Iron Man,” which is of Dad eating shawarma). I’ll have to make sure we make it out to the Pita Pit more often.

Halfway through Cold Days. I suspect I would have quite a few more thoughts about it than I do right now if I weren’t in a fog of sleep deprivation. cut for minor spoilers about Cold Days )

I’m not to the part I’m really looking forward to yet (but I hope that part is coming) but I will have more coherent thoughts later on.

Edited to Add: Talk of shawarma has inspired me to go to the Greek cafe for lunch with my sister.

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