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Have a lot of random ebooks to produce and release—I promised a Chuck vs. the Sound of Music II ebook, and I have some of my own to make—but I went ahead and started compiling an ebook of all of the stories/art posted in the [ profile] be_compromised Secret Santa challenge. The entries have started going up and every single one is wonderful. I’ve preformatted it so that each entry will have its banner and I’ll be able to slot in the authors whenever the reveals are made.

Even better than all of them (sorry, I’m vain!), though, is the one that my lovely person wrote for me, which has everything I never knew I wanted (Sleeping Beauty!Clint, Natasha being a BAMF and talking to Maria Hill with reasons and logic!, the Scarlet Witch!, kissing in car trunks!). Seriously, you should go read it here and shower the writer with compliments. I am inordinately jealous because I have never been able to write kissing very well, and this person just excels. **huggles fic**

How strange is life when you’re able to send your mother Yuletide recs? I’m, uh, asking for a friend.

Still have not seen Les Mis. I have Fandango Cash to see it because my dad got Bourne Legacy for Christmas (that was fun; I fell asleep on the couch on Christmas morning and woke to explosions and SURPRISE RENNER) and there was an offer on the box, but I just haven’t made it to a theater yet. [ profile] sabra_n might actually try to strangle me if I don’t go soon, though.

The news is showing something that looks like it’s about the production of bullets. I looked up and thought that all of that gold meant it was Reese’s peanut butter cups (you know, the little ones you get at Halloween) and got really nervous, but whew. Just bullets.

Hey, messing with my miniature Reese’s cups is fighting words.
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Well, I see why its fans were pissed off about the final Twilight movie. I went to see it this weekend with a friend of mine who read all the books and is always curious about the movies, but can’t convince anybody else in her life to see it. Given that I’ll see any movie in the theater (provided it’s not a horror film), I gamely tagged along, even though I never read the fourth Twilight book out of sheer and total disgust for the (lack of) character that is Bella Swann. And while the movies are terrible and you get this sense that Robert Pattinson is being shackled to something when he’s not on camera to keep him from running away, they’re not poke-your-eyes-out-with-a-hot-poker bad. The scenery is gorgeous, for instance.

And the other movies had Anna Kendrick.

So in this movie, spoilers )

Other than that, the weekend was pretty low-key. Went shopping with the same friend over in that area, which has some of my favorite shops (Container Store, Pier One, REI). The World Bird Sanctuary had a tawny owl named Tigger there that we got to see. My friend and I proved even more alike than we thought by both going, “I love that place!” when they told us they were from the World Bird Sanctuary. Then we drooled over all of the things in REI that we couldn’t afford. I looked at shoes for my trip next year.

Yesterday I had a splitting headache that wouldn’t let me eat anything, which sucked because Dad made bagel-dogs and then lasagna. I got to gush about my intense love for all things Madeleine L’Engle in the podcast and I didn’t write a single word on my secret santa project. Whoops.

Good weekend, though. I just wish the headache would go away.
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Finished Cold Days last night and I’m still trying to wrap my head around everything that happened. I enjoy Jim Butcher books for the sheer moving hysteria of them. Like, the majority of this book took place over something like 30 hours and it was crazy how much stuff happened to Harry.

And no, I’m not just talking about his penchant for getting hit in the head with baseball bats. Which happens amusingly often.

Butmassive spoilers about Cold Days that OMG WHAT THE WHAT )

Also, saw Looper last night. I’ve been following the film pretty closely, so I knew something of what I should expect, but it was obvious that the people next to me did not. When the credits started rolling, they were like, “Well, not recommending that to anyone ever!” Meanwhile, two seats away, I’m grinning because seriously, what a neat film. It bends your brain a little and I called a lot of the major things, but it kept me on my toes and you really, really can’t go wrong with Emily Blunt OR Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

I need to kick this headache and get to writing because this cracky story is not going to write itself. And then I get to write a story with Tony Stark as the protagonist, which will be a first for me!

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