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I think I’m in the denial stage of grief at the moment, guys. That whole thing was amazing and Blair Brown just about slayed me, and then Anna Torv came up to finish me off with a one-two punch to the heart. I hate this show. I love this show. This show is nothing but pain.

I was all good until I watched the episode, I really was. I got a lot of stuff done, did some work on Secret Santa graphics for the be-compromised folks, made plans, put bubble wrap on my window in the hopes that it will cure some of the heat leak in my apartment (I’m less freezing than usual, I guess?), wrote some fun Peggy Carter and Maria Hill as buddy cops fic, and thought idly about wrapping presents. AND THEN I WATCHED FRINGE.

I’m so mad at everything.

I need some fic and some feel-good reads to get me through this. Last year, the distressing Christmas episode came from Chuck, but that wasn’t a good sort of pain, that was Fedak, you’re the freaking worst, and not in a good way. The episode Santa Suit legitimately makes me angry whenever I think about it because it was an insult to my intelligence and to characters I loved. This year, Fringe is just hitting all of the notes in the lovely pain centers in my brain. To borrow a Tumblr phrase: “Right in the feels.”

It saddens me that there are only four episodes left. On the other hand, I’m really glad that, like Chuck, it was given a chance to end organically. Unlike Chuck, it has a good writer heading its writers’ room, so I’m approaching the ending of the show with hope.

Sorry to bash on Chuck so much, but I remembered how unironically terrible Santa Suit was, and I realize that I haven’t been insulting the show enough.
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