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I am all caught up with Once Upon a Time, right in time for the show to come back! Yes! Have I showered today or done anything remotely useful? I plead the fifth, but I have seen all of OUaT, so life is good. This season is so kick-ass compared to the first season. I have so many random feelings about all of the characters. Though I do have to ask...does Jennifer Morrison only have chemistry with douchebags? I know there’s a bit of a Cameron/House following, and she just seems to shine in scenes with Hook and Regina.

Also, I like how nothing is black and white in these episodes. It’s the antithesis of the moral stories of fairy tales! Huzzah! This makes me want to read some of Patricia Wrede’s work again. Maybe I will.

I solidly bro-ship Aurora/Mulan (and hey, if Phillip isn’t lame, I could get behind an OT3, writers), family ship the Charmings, want Ruby and Belle to open up their own detective agency, and ship Regina/Emma like nothing else. Folks: we have canon evidence that when Emma touches Regina, MAGIC LITERALLY HAPPENS.

Normally my next step would be to go find all of the fanfiction, but I wanna let canon roll around in my head for a little while. Aaaaand then I want my mom to watch this show with me because she loves fairy tales as much as I do.

In personal news, I work tomorrow, have Tuesday off, and then am back at work on Wednesday. Should be a fun few days. Lots of driving, some drinking, and a little chilling. I’m hoping to spend some time with my best friend and my nephew, and the puppies, of course. Best friend wants to go out tomorrow night, but bars aren’t really my scene, being noisy and full of people, and misanthropy is just so much more fun.

Hello to all of the new Chuck followers that wandered over here because of BillAtWork. Thanks for friending me. I’m not really that active in that fandom anymore, but I hope you like Livejournal.

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