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Finally rounding out my Austen education by getting through Northanger Abbey. I have attempted this book many times, but it always failed to grab me. Last night I picked it up because I’m doing a Twitter book club with some Downton friends and 100 pages later, my eyes were drooping closed but I just wanted to keep reading. Why do I always forget that there is fascinating banter to be had in Austen novels? Banter, my ultimate weakness! With charming and 19th century dialogue! Ugh, so good.

Today is going to be an interesting test of willpower because I’m avoiding Twitter (and about to add Tumblr to my list). The tragedy in Connecticut is abhorrent and visceral and my heart goes out to everybody affected: children, teachers, parents, the community. I don’t think it’ll do me any good to listen to people tweet angrily into the ether, however, so just stepping away is the best option.

Also, I sold my Canon. I’ll miss the camera (the white balance button on the body instead of buried in the menu was handy, lemme tell you), but it’s been doing nothing but gathering dust because I have Nikon glass and no adapter. Speaking of things that are gathering dust, is anybody interested in purchasing an iPad 2 (wifi only, great condition, price about $300)? I realized that it’s been sitting in my laptop case for three weeks without power, and that is probably a sign that I could just use the $300 for my trip next fall.

Speaking of cameras, it’s roughly five months until my sister’s wedding. If I’m going to be a respectable wedding photographer, I should probably start learning to pose people or something. Perhaps I should take a class or attend a seminar. Sigh. Also I need to find an all-black outfit and a beret (that was their request: I could get out of being a bridesmaid, provided I wore all black, a beret, and took the pictures. Every time I think I’m about to do something crazy, I just have to remember that this is my family).

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