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Fixing my other blog, which you can find here.

Upcoming Changes I'm hoping to make:

  • A set of regular graphics to denote what type of post each will be (aka, each post will be framed with icons similar to LJ and DW)
  • A better, more comprehensive tagging system
  • A unified theme throughout my blogs
  • More cowbell
  • A directory of junk I'm up to, which includes the free short story I will be releasing to celebrate Halloween next month, under my official pen name
  • More posts on writing, as that has really fallen to the wayside. Maybe I'll even finish that Vonnegut series.
  • An unprecedented show of unholy narcissism, aka more personal "What is Frea doing?" posts, including cross-linking to other stuff I'm doing on the web (*coughNiceGirlsTumblrMyOtherPenNamecough*
  • Fan Recs/Vid Fridays/Suggestions


So, to kick it off, what have I been up to?


  • Original Work

I've been working on revamping a story I wrote in 2008 to submit to a publisher, hopefully on my birthday. I'm also hard at work formatting the short story I'll be releasing under my chosen penname, which means you'll be able to get it on platforms like Smashwords and other sites.  More details to come as I do my research.

  • Fanfiction

If you missed it, the third chapter of Bank Job was posted this past week, and there's one left to write. I haven't started it yet, but I'm kicking ideas around in my head for it. When I start it, I will do my best to at least make a post saying that I'm closing out the final chapter.  I know some people want it to be as long as Set, Spike, Dive! or To Resist Both Wind and Tide, but Bank Job was always going to be a short, four-chapter story, more focused on Carina and Sarah's odd friendship rather than the actual job they pulled on the First Persian National Bank or whatever it was that Max called that bank.

In other fandoms, I'm still stalled/blocked on The Abbey and Guide Us Home, but another Tumblr user has been challenging me to write a story that's almost become a full Downton Abbey AU on its own. You can read all five parts of Timecrossed over on my LJ in (sorta) chronological order.  And yes, I lazily stole terms from Inception.  It kicks off with the video that started the insanity and now Jordan (normalsauce on Tumblr, look her up) and I are locked in this battle of wills.

And just because I'm not insane enough, CLEARLY, I randomly wrote a fic where Natasha Romanoff and the CAT Squad have a history.  And let's not even get into the Facts About Scott adventures.

  • Real Life

I worked on a friend's short film last weekend (which I hope to link here when it's finished), which, yes, did involve hanging out in a tiny diner full of clowns.  It was a blast.

Clowns. In a Diner.

October is almost here, which means Nanowrimo is right around the corner. This year, I'm not going to use it to write fic but a sequel to the novel I'm working on revamping.  I'm also getting that short story ready to go, so lots of fun, exciting times to be had.

Also, my parents got another dog, bringing the total tally up to five.  I'm sure you wanted to know that.

  • Nice Girls

They gave me Revolution to cover this year, which means that I'm really, really late on a recap.  I also wrote about how the pilot to The Mob Doctor surprisingly didn't suck.

Anyway, that's what's up with me.  You can find me on Twitter and Tumblr, but now that our unifying show is gone, what is everybody up to? Sound off in the comments, please. I miss everybody.


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