Dec. 6th, 2012

frea_o: (Chuck)
By my estimation there are several thousand people on the planet that get to December and suddenly feel adrift and at odds with their lives because hey, no more Nanowrimo. I had this feeling for precisely a day, I think, and then it was a shrug and a “Well, back to the grindstone.” Too many incomplete stories looming for comfort.

On my drive home from somewhere or other a few days ago, I had my first Chuckfic AU idea in a while. Ellie, instead of being a doctor, gets involved in the organized crime in her neighborhood when she is a teen caring for a younger brother. She eventually works her way up to being the local crime boss so that she could get her Chuck to Stanford—where he is betrayed and kicked out. When Chuck receives the Intersect, it unwittingly becomes Chuck vs. Ellie as Chuck keeps flashing on Ellie’s lieutenants and removing them from the equation with the help of Sarah and Casey.

Neat idea, but I don’t really want to dip my toe into the dark!Ellie pool, no matter how fascinating a character that would be. Besides, I don’t want to be that writer, you know, the one who introduces Ellie as the ex-hooker to the fandom. I just don’t.

My next project is my entry for [ profile] fandomaid. I’m really excited about it; I’ve been getting ideas for it all morning. With all hope, I should be able to deliver that by Sunday. Plus, I miss being able to make references to thinks that happened in this century. You never realize how much this becomes a crutch until it is taken away from you.

- Frea

PS - 19 days, [ profile] sabra_n!

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